Documents for master’s and doctoral programs abroad

When recruiting, we look for specific skills, not qualifications. PhD holders can also act as a bridge between universities and industry, facilitating technology transfer and the flow of knowledge in both directions. “

Regardless of your specialization, obtaining a PhD abroad is considered the highest level in your field. The effort required to train for three, four, and sometimes five years is enormous, but the results are worth it. As in today’s world we attach more importance to the accumulation of knowledge and look for new developments that can revolutionize our lives and work, the prospects for employment with the highest academic qualifications are strikingly diverse.

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Estonia’s leading university offers Ukrainians a free master’s degree

Free IT Masters Degree in University of Tartu

Last year, 4 Ukrainian students began their master’s degree at the University of Tartu, and one Ukrainian continued his postgraduate studies to obtain a PhD after graduating. IT program manager Marlon Dumas says: “Ukrainian students are very hardworking and achieve great results. They are among the best students studying programming at the University of Tartu. That’s why they are always extremely happy here. ”The Software Engineering program is a 2-year master’s program that aims to provide students with advanced software engineering and management skills, as well as specialized skills in two main areas: enterprise systems and real-time embedded systems. – English. The program prepares students for careers in leading technical positions, such as software analyst and research engineer, as well as managerial positions, such as project manager or chief technologist. The program is a joint master’s program of the University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology. At the end of the program, the graduate receives diplomas from two universities at once. The deadline for applications for the next academic year is April 16, 2014. All accepted students will not have to pay for tuition, and may receive a monthly stipend of up to € 300 to cover living expenses. The school year begins on September 1, 2014. Estonia is best known as the home of Skype and has always been a leader in information and communication technologies. Estonian e-government, e-parking and e-elections have built Estonia’s reputation as “E-stonia”. Estonia is also known for free Wi-Fi throughout the country. The University of Tartu is the only university in the Baltics that is included in the list of the world’s best universities (THE World University Rankings). Get more information about Software Engineering and the procedure admission to the University of Tartu, you can on the program website at the following link:


06/20/2011 Preparatory courses for applicants for a master’s degree in the United States Especially for foreign students, the University of Massachusetts (USA) offers preparatory courses for admission to the master’s program of this university
01/17/2011 Grants for a master’s degree abroad The Victor Pinchuk Foundation continues to accept applications from potential candidates for participation in the second competitive selection of the World Studies program
10/7/2010 Rating of master’s programs in management from the Financial Times In late September, the Financial Times published another ranking of master’s programs in management “FT Masters in Management ranking”

Esperanto Travel Educational Agency will help you choose the best option for studying abroad.

How to enter a master’s degree abroad

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Ukraine, many students wonder about the possibility of entering a master’s degree abroad. The most popular for a prestigious master’s degree for many years are the countries of Western Europe and North America. There are two options for enrolling in master’s programs abroad: the direct way – after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Ukraine or through preparatory programs (Pre-Masters). The first method is very popular among our students. Having a good language base, confirmed by certificates of proficiency in English (IELTS or TOEFL), good grades, and, importantly, the desire to very realistically enroll in a master’s degree abroad, bypassing various types of training programs. This method is the fastest in terms of saving time and money. For example, you can immediately enroll in a master’s program at Thompson Rivers University (Canada), European University – European University (campuses in Germany, Switzerland, Spain), SKEMA Business School (France)). It is also necessary to take into account that in different universities the duration of master’s programs varies from 1 year to 2 years, depending on the chosen specialty. Admission requirements usually do not differ much in different universities. Basically, it is knowledge of a foreign language, such as “advanced” English (IELTS 6.0-6.5), a bachelor’s degree and a cover letter. Pre-Masters, or preparation for a master’s degree and an MBA is a program of preparation for admission to a master’s degree studies English in more depth (if his knowledge is not sufficient) and subjects required for further study in the master’s program. The duration of study in such programs is usually 6 or 9 months, and depends on the level of English and academic performance. You can prepare for a master’s degree at the following faculties: business, economics and finance, marketing, tourism and hotel management, law, engineering, humanities. Pre-Masters are best suited for international students who want to get a master’s degree and do not have enough language requirements for university studies. Standard requirements for admission to the Pre-Masters program: age from 21, a bachelor’s degree or university degree with good grades, language proficiency level not lower than IELTS 5.5. at Harriot Watt University, Robert Gordon University (RGU), EF colleges and other educational institutions represented in Ukraine by Esperanto Travel. You can get more detailed information by phone +38 (044) 592-52 -77; 592-52-37 or by sending a request to the e-mail Employees of Esperanto Travel will help in I can choose the best option for studying abroad.


Most admissions committee members hope to see candidates who are able to contribute to the program through their personal experience and training.

What do the admission commissions of master’s programs abroad expect from the candidates?

While academic achievement is undoubtedly the most important factor in the process of admission to most master’s and doctoral programs, never neglect your personal characteristics – what makes you unique and has a direct bearing on the contribution you could make to master’s or doctoral programs (PhD) programs.

Randy Venus, director of admission at the American University of Paris, sees hundreds of foreign bachelors enrolling in their master’s programs each year and clearly understands what makes them successful.

“Good candidates are three-dimensional – they combine their academic achievements with personal history and experience. They clearly explain why they want to study in a particular program and how their key skills will affect their success in master’s programs. If they have some experience, they always describe it in their resumes, ”says Randy Venus.

It is always important to make sure that your application is targeted to a specific university or individual program, and reflects the actual reasons for admission. Admissions committee members are happy to read the questionnaire, which will help you understand why you should be accepted into their school and why you are suitable for their specific program.

If you are applying for two or three programs at different universities, you need to prepare each of these questionnaires separately. Tailor all your questionnaires to the strengths and uniqueness of the program you are applying for, as well as align your ambitions and aspirations with the characteristics of the school and program. Without this, your documents will look weaker and give rise to a negative decision.

Professional ambitions and experience will also help you stand out from the crowd. Gail Hupper, director of law and international programs at Boston College in the United States, considers these elements very important when reviewing the documents of foreign applicants.

“We tend to look for people who have some experience in the legal field, but this is not an absolute requirement. We insist on high academic performance, strong English, and an understanding that a person will make a real contribution to the legal profession after graduation, ”says Happer.

Understanding what the school wants from you will come when you do the initial research. Creating “typical” profiles of a candidate for master’s and doctoral studies will greatly simplify the completion of the documents required for admission.

Describing your strengths in line with the program, with reference to student achievement or the alumni community, will help you stand out. If a particular program involves a competition, tailoring your resume to the required parameters is a very important strategy in the admissions process.