In the same year, Jenson Button ended his career as a Formula 1 driver

The small drainage ditches have now become a stream that gurgles through the jungle. "The sun cap is fed solely by the water from the moors"the ranger explains. "That is why it is clear and dark brown at the same time." The water runs from all sides. A few hundred meters further on, the brook has swelled into a raging mountain river that rushes towards the Oder pond.

The path also becomes more boggy. In some places, the national park administration has built footbridges, quite unconventionally from long, thin trunks laid side by side. "We don’t want mountain bikers racing through here"says Mügge. "This is a pedestrian path." The destination is reached after around two hours. The next group is already waiting for the ranger.

Prison island. The term itself creates a tingling shudder, reminiscent of the high-security prison Alcatraz outside San Francisco. But today there are no longer any prisoners living in most of the penal colonies, instead they are often much-visited tourist attractions. Gorgona is completely different. The northernmost and smallest island of the Tuscan Archipelago is the last prison island in Europe. Also take a look at the island in our photo show.

Of the approximately 300 inhabitants, around 70 are male prisoners and 80 are guards. They are probably the reason why more and more holidaymakers are coming to Gorgona. The island is open to small hiking groups who moor on Gorgona for a day by boat. The guides spice up the walk with all kinds of anecdotes from the prison island. From spectacular escape attempts, for example, or the enthusiasm of some prisoners for an attractive prison doctor.

If you like hiking, this is the right place for you

The 2.2 square kilometer island, 34 kilometers away from the coast, can offer neither great beaches nor other dream island qualities. In return, the offered hikes past cacti, palm trees, pine trees, macchia plants and other flowering plants promise exciting encounters with the tough guys who are serving the last phase of their mostly long prison sentences here in the spacious prison.

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Gorgona is not a place to sit too much, if you take it seriously. Because most of the day the prisoners work on the farm with cows, horses, sheep, goats and pigs. In the prison bakery, the butcher shop. By now it should have become clear that the conditions on Gorgona are fantastic for prison conditions. This is part of a successful rehabilitation project that also includes contact with the outside world.

Sweating prisoners

On Gorgona the prisoners cultivate a vineyard under the guidance of the renowned winemaker Frescobaldi. They grow the Ansonica and Vermentino grape varieties on one hectare. Almost 3000 bottles of the fruity white wine "Gorgona" are bottled annually. The "Rehabilitation wine" finds great sales, is on the wine lists of the most exclusive restaurants in Italy. These include the three Michelin-starred Enoteca Pinchorri in Florence, which even has its own dish dedicated to prison wine. And also Heinz Beck, the German star chef at "La Pergola “im "Rome Cavalieri Hilton", has the Gorgona in its range.

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Photo show: Hiking on the dark prison island Photo show: With the e-bike through Northern Italy Photo show: The most beautiful e-bike regions in the Alps Photo show: By bike through the Brenta Photo show: E-bike -Regions in Germany Tours to the island of Gorgona are offered by several operators. A reservation is necessary because there are only a few travel dates. Some organizers: Sentieri in Toscana ( or Toscana Trekking (

In Tenerife there is the Barranco del Infierno, the so-called "Hell Canyon". The trail has been closed to visitors since 2009 after an accident. The gorge reopened in May 2015. But after another accident in autumn it is blocked again. See that "Hell Canyon" also in our photo show.

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In 2009 a hiker was fatally hit by a rockfall. Since then, the paths have been improved and the popular route has been made safer. This is part of the Reserva Natural Especial del Barranco del Infierno nature reserve on Tenerife.

Starting point for hiking: Adeje

The hike through the gorge begins in the small village of Adeje, which is easily accessible by bus or car. Initially, the hiking trail runs at a height of around 200 meters above the gorge. The sun is burning down here, sun protection is strongly recommended. Before descending into the gorge, hikers can still enjoy the view of Barranco del Infierno and the nearby sea.

The largest waterfall in Tenerife

Then visitors finally get into the gorge – and at that moment they feel really small. Because they are surrounded by high rock walls, which give the hiking trail a very narrow and winding character. At the bottom of the gorge there are also two aqueducts, one of which is made of wood. The actual hiking trail ends here. That is why good, sturdy shoes are strongly recommended, the path to the end of the Hell Gorge leads partly through a stream.

One of the special features down here are hundreds of caves in which numerous remains and mummies of the indigenous Guanches have been discovered. At the end of "Hell Canyon" is then the real highlight of the hike: the largest waterfall in Tenerife, which falls from a height of 80 meters into the depths. Visitors have to plan a total of 6.3 kilometers (there and back) for this spectacle.

The nature reserve is also home to a species-rich fauna. To protect these, only up to 300 visitors can hike through the gorge every day. It is therefore advisable to reserve in advance. Access is possible between 8.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. and closes at 7 p.m. Guided hikes can be booked through various German tour operators, but hiking guides can also be hired individually on site.

Photo show: The Barranco del Infierno Photo show: The new Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park Photo show: The new run on 24-hour hikes Photo show: Mont-rebei Gorge: This hiking trail leads through the rock

For reservations:

The district assembly pointed out problems with the implementation of the daycare reform in Schleswig-Holstein. "The business basis of the reform was and is that the calculated funds are sufficient to provide the offers in an appropriate quality with capped parental contributions"said the chairman Reinhard Sager (CDU) on Tuesday. Neither in the area of ​​day care nor in the reduction for siblings are the districts required to provide services beyond their statutory duties.

"If the state government and the government parliamentary groups come to the conclusion that the promises they have made to parents and institution providers cannot be adequately financed, it is the state’s task to readjust the content while observing the principle of connectivity"said Sager. The SPD daycare politician, Serpil Midyatli, therefore called for improvements to the budget discussions. "Anyone who grandly promises to lower contributions, increase quality and relieve local authorities must also provide the necessary funds."

The main point of the current reform is that the daycare contributions may no longer exceed a maximum amount. According to earlier information from the Ministry of Social Affairs, many parents have been paying less money to look after their children since August. In addition, a sibling discount applies. Further reform elements are expected to come into force in January.

Bad news for Mark Zuckerberg: A mass exodus of investors from Facebook shares sent the papers downhill. The CEO lost billions.

Beijing attacks Australia when will China hit "naked aggression" Germany?. more

Confused tweet about cyber attack Trump defends Russians and accuses China. more

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With the mass exodus of Facebook investors, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s assets are melting by almost $ 16 billion. The shares of the Internet network he founded fell on Thursday by 19.6 percent to $ 174.78. Should they close on this minus, it would be the largest capital destruction in US stock market history in a single trading day. Then around 124 billion dollars would have vanished into thin air. That’s almost four times the total market capitalization of Twitter.

Because of GDPR: Facebook is losing millions of users Comment: Facebook and the mother of all fake news New rules: This is how the data protection regulation affects the world

The Facebook group, which was recently in the headlines because of data scandals, had shocked investors with its annual report and outlook. At least 16 brokerage houses lowered their price targets. They pointed out that, among other things, better respect for user privacy would entail costs. This could weigh on Facebook’s profit margins for more than two years.

The numbers had hit the market like a bomb, said the analysts from the US asset manager Baird. The problems of Facebook are not easy to solve, stated other experts. Either the company is showing the new reality of its business or it is one "very public act of self-immolation to avoid further regulatory pressure", explained the experts at the analysis house MoffettNathanson.

But some also saw a silver lining on the horizon. "The bears win the quarter"said Jefferies analyst Brent Thill. "But not the war." In stock market jargon, the pessimists are "Bears" called. 

Sources used: Reuters

They announced their engagement six months ago. Now Jenson Button and Brittny Ward announce the next great news: They are going to be parents.

Former Formula 1 driver Jenson Button and his girlfriend Brittny Ward have been engaged since June 2018. Now the two are expecting their first offspring. The two of them share this news with their followers on Instagram.

"Just look how comfortable it looks"

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"Brittny and I are happy to announce that the addition to our family is currently sitting for the first time. Just look how comfortable it looks", writes Jenson about an ultrasound image. Brittny Ward shares the same picture and also gives the information that the baby will be born in summer.

Numerous fans and racing driver colleagues congratulate the 38-year-old under the photo. Someone also writes about it: "Congratulations to you and Brittny. I’m so happy for you. I am sure that you will be a wonderful father."

Second wedding: Ex-Formula 1 driver Jenson Button is newly engaged Since he’s been a father: Ex-Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg cries more often

It is not known when Jenson Button and Brittny Ward plan to marry. But it should probably be so far this year. Maybe even before the baby is born. It will be the second wedding for the former racing driver. After becoming Formula 1 World Champion in 2009, he met and fell in love with Japanese model Jessica Michibata. The two married at the end of 2014. However, the marriage lasted just a year. He has been in a relationship with Brittny Ward since 2016. In the same year, Jenson Button ended his career as a Formula 1 driver.

Sources used: Jenson Button’s Instagram profile, Brittny Ward’s Instagram profile

Parents whose children cannot go to daycare due to corona-related closings should, according to the SPD, not pay any fees in the Düsseldorf state parliament.

"I cannot explain to parents that they have to pay daycare fees even though their children are excluded from daycare for weeks due to official orders"said the family policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Dennis Maelzer, who "New Westphalian". Corona quarantine is already very stressful for families, and fees for daycare and day care should not be added as an additional burden, according to Maelzer.

In NRW, according to a report from the Family Ministry to the state parliament, 759 daycare centers were partially or completely closed on November 11, because the health authorities ordered quarantine due to corona infections.

Anyone who has bought a Galaxy S8 for a lot of money may have stumbled upon it: The button for the Samsung voice assistant Bixby is placed so unfavorably that the function, which is hardly useful in Germany, is often started unintentionally. An update should help, but it is only half the way.

Samsung probably meant well with customers in Asia and the English-speaking world: The button to start the Bixby assistant is located on the left side of the S8 models and enables the additional functions to be called up quickly. Unfortunately, the positioning also ensures that the button is often activated unintentionally. In addition, the Samsung assistant still does not speak German, which makes the function even less attractive for users in this country.

New Samsung flagship: Galaxy S8 to receive digital assistants Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: All information about the Samsung Galaxy S8 torture video: The Samsung Galaxy S8 in the endurance test: Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung Galaxy S8 – Strong smartphone with small weaknesses

Samsung shows insight

So far, Samsung had not offered any options for deactivating the button or assigning other functions to it. After the frequent criticism from users and app developers, the group is now giving way.