Maintains the production of scoring chances and improves effectiveness

Jordi Alba has become Leo Messi’s best partner based on assists. The deadly connection will continue for years to come. Great news.

[❗ LAST MINUTE] @JordiAlba renews his contract with FC Barcelona until 2024! All the details &# 128073; &# 128309;&# 128308; # ForçaBarça

– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona_es) February 28, 2019

Total agreement between Barça and Jordi Alba for its renewal

Jordi Alba: "We hit the table"

Magnificent news that reaches us today thanks to the daily report of the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus crisis in Spain: first, for the fifth consecutive day, discharges are higher than the new cases, despite the fact that recoveries have This time it was the lowest in recent weeks. In addition, it has been achieved that the number of new cases due to Covid-19 in the last 24 hours is the lowest since last March 14, and that of deaths, the lowest since 21 of that month.

Apr 28, 2020 at 11:09 am CEST

D. Cruz (@usuaridavid)

Thus, from yesterday to today 1,308 new infections detected through PCR tests have been registered, highlighting that Murcia, Melilla, Ceuta, Canarias, Asturias and La Rioja have all added less than 10 infections in the day. The total number of cases registered since the beginning of the crisis is 210,773 (referring to those detected by PCR test, and not rapid tests), while the increase in confirmed cases in the last 24 hours has been 0.6%.

&# 127466;&# 127480; COVID-19 DATA&# 128588;&# 127995; Only 1,308 confirmed in the last day! (+ 0.62% – minimum)&# 128285; 5th day with more CURINGS &# 128994; that NEW &# 128993 ;!&# 128170;&# 127995; 2nd day with fewer deaths (301) since 03/21&# 128202; The formula N / (M + C) drops to 0.66&# 128309; ACTIVE CASES decrease (-0.78%) (I open a thread by CCAA)

– Miguel Ángel Reinoso (@mianrey) April 28, 2020

We also receive great news regarding the number of deaths: since yesterday, 301 people have lost their lives, the second best figure since last March 21. The total number of deaths is 23,822. Of course, the number of recovered is the lowest in weeks, with 1,673 patients who have been discharged, making a total of 102,548. 

The Barça returns to run of the hand of Ronald Koeman. It is an evidence, seeing the intensity and continuity in the deployment with which the team evolved on the Juventus Stadium desert grass. But the confirmation that Ronald’s method – it is played as it is trained – works, is confirmed with the statistics in hand.


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Ronald Koeman

His team has the ball, as always, but he makes it circulate faster, he recovers it sooner and his players have greater mobility because their physical display is greater. It is reflected when comparing the distances covered in the duel last Wednesday with those of the last European debacles and, above all, with the last great joy: the 2015 Champions League final, also against ‘Vecchia Signora’.  

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It is difficult to single out a single player in the balsamic Blaugrana victory over Juve (0-2). Pedri marvels every time he touches the ball without stopping sacrificing himself on defense, and he looks like a 27-year-old player in the body of a 17-year-old boy. But Dembélé and Griezmann offered an excellent version; Jordi Alba was once again a dagger for his band and Pjanic, despite some compromised turnovers, ran more than any of the soccer players from both teams in the match: 12.3 kilometers.

Pirlo: "Barça is a team that knows how to play"

It is evident that in the current 4-2-3-1, the double pivot, together with Frenkie de Jong or Sergio Busquets, is a high-risk area, with so many players ahead of the ball; but the aid exists again, and the whole team – except the freed Messi – falls back.

It is also true that it was in the ‘must’ of the team not to take advantage of the cataract of clear occasions to sentence the game. With Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch, the bill for such bad fortune – or lack of aim – might have been very high …


But the reality is that Barça defeated Juventus 0-2, offering an excellent image, recovering association football … on the run; to attack and defend. And not only with the ball at the feet, but also without it. Koeman’s team raced as it had not in years, to balance the physical display of its rival.

Yes, the Juventus players still covered more meters than those of Barça; something normal, taking into account the characteristics of the squad and the style of play of each team. But not with the differences of the last duels. Barça balanced this facet against the Piedmontese team itself and also with respect to their benefits against Rome, Liverpool or Bayern, their recent European fiascos.


Reviewing the UEFA statistics, it is found that Koeman’s Barça surpassed even Luis Enrique’s physical display in the 2014/15 Champions League final. At the Berlin Stadium, the Blaugrana traveled 2.5 kilometers less than the ‘Bianconeri’. On Wednesday the difference was reduced to 1.5 kilometers. And most importantly, it is the difference compared to the debacle of the 2016/17 campaign: 9 kilometers less.  

2014/15 – JUVENTUS-BARÇA (FINAL) 1-3

JUVENTUS 114,529 39% 83% 343 14
BARÇA 111,997 61% 89% 570 18

Barça traveled 2,532 meters less than Juventus. He had a very high possession of the ball, he circulated the ball more and with more precision. It also generated more shots on goal and with greater efficiency.

2016/17 – JUVENTUS-BARÇA (1/4 Final, First leg) 3-0

JUVENTUS 114,529 39% 83% 343 14
BARÇA 111,997 61% 89% 570 18

Barça traveled 9,089 meters less than Juventus. The possession of the ball and the difference in the number of passes increases, but the chances of scoring are balanced and the effectiveness sinks.

2020/21 – JUVENTUS-BARÇA (J.2 Group Phase) 0-2

JUVENTUS 114,529 39% 83% 343 14
BARÇA 111,997 61% 89% 570 18

Barça traveled 1,520 meters less than Juventus. Ball possession is balanced, but Barça is still ahead. It also commands the percentage and production of passes. Maintains the production of scoring chances and improves effectiveness.


The undoubted change is confirmed when comparing the statistics of the 2020/21 team with those of its version in the European failures of recent campaigns.

The difference between the physical display of Koeman’s Barça and the physical paralysis of the team in those key games is outright, and shows that they reached those commitments without the ability to compete with the same intensity as their rivals. 

Ronald has rejuvenated the squad and the starting eleven, he is using the squad extensively and while trying to impose the 4-2-3-1 he has changed his working methods and regained his physical preparation.

There is much ahead and the fruits must be seen in the final stretch of the season, when the titles are decided. But at least, the path seems to be laid out so that Barça does not transmit the image of helplessness of their defeats against Liverpoo or Bayern.

The Barça of Koeman already carbure in attack

The 1×1 of Juventus-Barça

JUVENTUS 114,529 39% 83% 343 14
BARÇA 111,997 61% 89% 570 18

"Crisis? What crisis? If this has just begun …"  Surely many from Barça itself will use this argument to justify the disastrous start of the season for the Blaugrana team. For this reason, in the headline we have put quotes to the word crisis, a kind of presumption of innocence in case Valverde’s men beat Villarreal on Tuesday and on Saturday they repeat against Getafe.


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Javier Rodríguez March

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What’s going wrong? Barcelona’s crisis in seven names

But the fact is that the game and the records, the worst in a quarter of a century, do not invite optimism from Barcelona. The signals could be summarized in seven names as a starting point to try to explain the causes of the unexpected (or not?) Collapse of a more squared team than ever. There they go …

1. ANFIELD (Where it all started)

Barça seemed thrown towards the triplet before visiting the Liverpool temple. But on May 7, the same date on which another comparable tragedy was forged many years ago, that of the Seville final, he sank into misery, conceding an infamous win and the object of merciless mockery at the shameful culmination of Origi’s corner.

As in the previous mockery of Rome, a year earlier, Bartomeu opted to cauterize the wounds and not to amputate limbs. The president ruled out a drastic measure such as Guardiola’s ascension and its consequence (departure of the hitherto untouchable Ronaldinho and Deco) and decided on the continuity of Valverde, of all the sacred cows in the dressing room, setting everything to a transfer policy exciting (De Jong), controversial (Griezmann) and failed (Neymar). At the moment, things are not going how I would like …

2. Valverde (Not even his bravest version works)

The technician’s continuity has not been as flat as expected. Quite the opposite. This year’s Valverde has abandoned the hierarchy of the two previous seasons trying to install the meritocracy to make the lineups. Hence the substitutions of the formerly untouchable Rakitic or Busquets and the almost ‘disappearance’ of Arturo Vidal until his free penalty in Granada.