Many traders are simply too clueless

Alcohol abuse among adolescents is increasing

Alcohol abuse among young people has increased nationwide. The authorities fear that many traders will sell vodka, whiskey or grain even without proof of age. This is why the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs allowed targeted alcohol test purchases by young people last year.

In Mannheim, 65 shops in different parts of the city were tested. The young test buyers – mostly trainees from the city administration – received high-proof alcohol without any problems in 33 cases. Only 32 sellers adhered to the ban and asked – as required – the age of the teenagers.

More and more young people in Mannheim are looking too deep into the glass. “The numbers are alarming,” says Mayor Specht. In 2001, a total of 28 young people with alcohol poisoning were admitted to the Mannheim Clinic, in 2010 it was 73.

Automatic age check

In the future, the city will initiate further test purchases, announces Specht. In addition, one will advertise for cash register systems that automatically inform the cashier staff about the age check when selling alcohol, for example with a beep.

Other cities are also affected

The second largest city in Baden-Württemberg is not alone with this problem. The public order office in Stuttgart reports that half of the 134 test purchases violated the legal requirements. In Heilbronn, too, test purchases in supermarkets, gas stations or kiosks showed that 40 percent of retailers did not obey the law. In Ulm, 56 percent of the dealers violated the regulations.

Withdrawal of the sales license threatens

According to the department head of the Stuttgart regulatory office, Benno Bartosch, there are some indications that the controls have an effect. Since the start of the test purchases a year ago, the proportion of dealers who violate the law has fallen from 61 to 41 percent. This is a reaction to the fines, which would be 300 euros for the seller and 2000 euros for the trader or branch manager. Particularly unruly dealers could even be withdrawn from their sales license.

Alcohol test purchases are an important tool

In order to curb alcohol abuse among young people, Minister of Social Affairs Katrin Altpeter (SPD) also considers alcohol test purchases to be an important tool. Although educating young people is still the most important element, one must also work towards compliance with the law, she says. “The numbers of test purchases are terrifying. But at least we now know how often the legal framework is ignored.”

It is therefore to be welcomed if the municipalities continue to organize test purchases and impose appropriate fines. “Many dealers are simply too inexperienced. To protect young people, we need a lot more sensitivity,” adds Altpeter.

Rome (AP) – At their first meeting, Pope Francis called on US President Donald Trump to work for peace. In the 30-minute long audience in the Vatican, the two also addressed issues such as migration and climate protection.

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“I am leaving the Vatican more determined than ever to pursue peace in our world,” tweeted Trump. He called the meeting a “one-time honor”. The Vatican spoke of “cordial discussions”. The Catholic leader and the Republican also tried to put their quarrel from last year behind them with the meeting.

After stops in Saudi Arabia and Israel, the visit to Rome was also Trump’s first stay in Europe as President. Security was high everywhere in the city. There were no noteworthy protests against his visit. After meeting with Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Trump traveled on to Brussels, where he will take part in the NATO summit meeting on Thursday. Then it’s back to Italy, where he’ll be at the G7 summit on Friday and Saturday.

After the audience, the Vatican spoke of “good bilateral relations”. It is hoped that the government and the Catholic Church in the US will work together on health care, education and care for migrants, it said in a statement. Francis presented the Republican with a medal with an olive branch and expressed his wish that he would work for peace. “A symbol of peace,” said the Argentine. Trump replied: “We need peace.”

Trump was impressed by the 80-year-old Pope. “He’s got something. He’s really good. We had a fantastic meeting and a fantastic tour, it was beautiful.”

According to the White House, Trump and Francis also discussed the fight against terrorism and what religious communities can do against the suffering in crisis regions such as Syria and Libya as well as in the areas controlled by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). Trump let the Pope know that the US wants to invest 300 million dollars – the equivalent of around 270 million euros – in hunger relief to support states like Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria.

Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin also raised the controversial issue of climate change in the Vatican and encouraged Trump to maintain membership in the Paris Climate Agreement, as Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson said on the flight from Rome to Brussels, according to journalists traveling with them. Trump said he had not yet made a final decision about staying in the contract, Tillerson added.

It was the first meeting between Francis and the President. While Francis continues to urge more efforts to protect the environment and the climate, the issue is not a priority under Trump. Last year they had also criticized themselves in the debate about a wall on the border with Mexico. Shortly before Trump’s visit, Francis had been open and said that he hoped for a sincere exchange with the US President. Trump made a similar statement.

Trump assured Francis on Wednesday that he would honor his words. “Thank you, thank you, I will not forget what you said.”

The pontiff also gave the US president his message of peace, published in 2017, which he had signed for him. He also gave him three of his teaching letters – including the second encyclical “Laudato si ‘”, which deals with environmental and climate protection. “I will read it,” assured Trump. He presented Francis with a box with books by Martin Luther King and a bronze sculpture.

The Republican is not known for a staunch religiosity. Other presidents were often passionate about their faith, but the 70-year-old is missing that. He’s a Presbyterian, the largest branch of the Reformed churches. He describes himself as a Protestant. According to his own admission, he cannot do anything with the Christian idea of ​​forgiveness.

The President was accompanied on his arrival by his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka, both of whom wore black dresses and black veils. After the visit to the Vatican, the first lady drove to a Roman children’s hospital, where she painted with children and took selfies.

Ivanka visited the Sant’Egidio aid organization. There she spoke to several women from Nigeria who had been trafficked. To be able to find out what problems they went through and how they finally managed to rebuild their lives is an honor for them, said Ivanka Trump. The visit of the President’s closest confidante to an organization that also works for refugees was seen as a positive sign.

There is a unanimous desire among the parliamentary groups currently represented in the Bundestag to extend the legislative period from four to five years.

Opposite the newspapers of the editorial network Germany, representatives of the CDU / CSU, SPD, Left and Greens advocated an adjustment to the legislative periods of the European Parliament and most of the state parliaments for the legislative period of the Bundestag, which will start in 2021.

“Election campaigns against the vices of the government”

The parliamentary group leader of the Union, Michael Grosse-Brömer (CDU), said that most of the state parliaments and the European Parliament would be elected for five years. “In addition, the election campaign takes time before the election and time is required for coalition negotiations after the election, which is at the expense of the term of office.”

Last polls for the election: Grand coalition loses approval Poll shortly before the federal election: FDP top politicians are hardly known Christian Lindner in an interview: ” The government has brought the state to the limit of failure ”

SPD parliamentary group leader Thomas Oppermann made a similar statement: “That would do justice to the complexity of many laws, and meaningful adjustments would be possible before the next election.” And for left parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch it is “inconclusive” that the Bundestag has a shorter legislative period than the other parliaments. The Green parliamentary group leader Britta Haßelmann also declared that her party was “open to an extension of the electoral term to five years.” Bartsch and Haßelmann also suggested combining reform with the introduction of elements of direct democracy.

VfB kicker Kevin Großkreutz became a father for the first time on December 14th and announced the happy event shortly afterwards via Twitter. You can now take a first look at the youngsters on Instagram.

On Thursday, the 28-year-old posted a cute snapshot in which he was beaming with joy and holding his newborn daughter in his hands. The new citizen is called Leonie, saw the light of day at 7:06 p.m. and weighed an impressive 3100 grams when she was born. 

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

Unfortunately, Papa Kevin was unable to assist with the birth. The VfB player rushed to the clinic by express train, but couldn’t make it in time. His ICE from Stuttgart to Dortmund arrived at the train station at 8:21 pm, but by then the little one had been around for almost an hour and a half.

The former national player announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy in May – five days before VfB was relegated to the 2nd Bundesliga. Meanwhile, the freshly baked dad is on a promotion place with Stuttgart.

The 72-year-old was out and about in town with his wife in the afternoon when two strangers suddenly insulted him – then he felt a blow: an American had been attacked in Berlin.

Two strangers are said to have racially insulted and injured a 72-year-old in Berlin. The suspects are said to have attacked their US-born victim on Tuesday afternoon in the Schöneberg district, as the Berlin police announced. At first they insulted the man, shortly afterwards he felt a slap in the face.

Escalation on New Year’s Eve: Police violence in Connewitz? Public prosecutor checks videos Man critically injured: Police arrest young people for arson attack “Absolutely disgusting behavior”: Married couple hoist Nazi flag

After the attack, the victim went to his wife, who alerted the rescue workers because her husband was briefly unconscious. They found cuts and a hematoma on the man’s face. He was hospitalized for treatment. The police state security took over the investigation.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Open dispute over the direction of the Catholic Church: Part of the German Bishops’ Conference opposes its chairman Reinhard Marx – and ultimately the Pope. It’s about more than the sacrament.

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Five years after the election of Pope Francis, several Catholic bishops in Germany no longer want to quietly accept the new course. Your fire letter to the Vatican gives an idea of ​​how great your frustration must be.

They protest against the fact that Protestant Christians should be admitted to Catholic communion in individual cases. This opening was decided by a majority of the German Bishops’ Conference chaired by Cardinal Reinhard Marx from Munich against the votes of the critics in February. It is about the fundamentals: Should the Church open up to the world or not?

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“The letter is a clear vote of no confidence in Cardinal Marx and also Pope Francis,” says church expert Ulrich Ruh, who headed the specialist journal “Herder-Korrespondenz” for many years.