With 40,000 objects, the NHM has one of the largest bone collections in the world

They are offered, for example, in the form of ointments or sprays, and oils and essences for relaxing baths are also available.

If you take a few tips to relieve your back to heart and implement them in your everyday life, you will have to struggle with back pain far less often. And existing complaints can improve sustainably.

Here’s how to strengthen your back with an exercise ball
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The spine does a lot

The spine performs at its best every day, carrying the entire load of the head, arms and trunk. In interaction with the surrounding muscles, it enables people to walk upright, carry loads and much more. So that the spine can perform its tasks in the long run, everyone should try to relieve the back.

The most important tip is: Do sport and integrate as much exercise as possible into your everyday life. Exercise can strengthen the muscles, which bring relief to the back. And movement can often be integrated perfectly into everyday life, for example by covering short distances on foot instead of by car or by taking the stairs instead of getting into the elevator.

Healthy posture and correct load

A very effective relief for the back is good posture. It should be as straight as possible. If you also know that sitting is the most stressful place on your spine, you may find yourself doing a standing job more often. In general, one-sided stress and a monotonous posture, such as sitting for hours at the computer, should be avoided.

Lifting that is too heavy should also be avoided if possible. An important tip: Make sure that you are at peace with yourself. Mental stress, stress and pressure can also lead to back problems.

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Relief for the back while sleeping

You can also provide relief for your back while you sleep. Tip: If you decide on an orthopedic mattress, the relief is greatest. Sleep accounts for around a third of life, which is why a good mattress is very important for a healthy back.

Exercise is often the best medicine for back pain. In physiotherapy, you will learn about exercises with which you can alleviate acute symptoms and build up muscles in the back area in the long term.

Here’s how to strengthen your back with an exercise ball
Photo series with 7 pictures

Exercise is good for back pain

Anyone who suffers from severe back pain does not want to hear anything about movement at first. Many of those affected would like to stay motionless in bed and wait for the pain to go away. This doesn’t work, however, because in many cases exercise is an important prerequisite for healing.

The doctor defines which exercises are best suited in each case in a therapy plan. In physiotherapy, the patient then learns the correct movement sequences so that he can later train at home.

Active and passive movements

Basically, physiotherapy, which is also known as physiotherapy, can be divided into two areas: active movements that the patient performs himself and passive movements that are initiated by the therapist. Pulling movements that are carried out in the longitudinal direction can relieve the spine at the beginning of physiotherapy.

The second step is then to strengthen the muscles in the back area. In particular, the long muscle strands, which play a decisive role in movement, are the focus of the training. Various aids such as balls or ropes can be used during the exercises.

Particularly helpful for chronic back pain

There are extensive studies on the effectiveness of physiotherapy for back pain.vaccination argumentative essay While there are hardly any advantages over other conservative treatment methods for acute back pain, the successes in chronic back pain are well documented. Physiotherapy can relieve the pain of those affected and increase their mobility.

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In addition, patient satisfaction increases when they can successfully counter their complaints with physiotherapy. The statistics also show that the exercises are particularly effective when those affected do them in a group. The effectiveness is significantly increased compared to individual applications.

Vienna (dpa) – From a distance, the showcases look like somewhat dusty bookshelves. But skulls from thousands of years are stored in the glass cabinets of the Natural History Museum (NHM) in Vienna.

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With 40,000 objects, the NHM has one of the largest bone collections in the world. In the show "War. On the trail of an evolution" The human remains testify to the violence that humans are capable of.

A low point: the mass grave of 47 victims of the Battle of Lützen in the Thirty Years’ War. So far it has only been shown in the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle an der Saale. "They are fighters from both sides between the ages of 15 and 50"says Karin Wiltschke, deputy head of the osteological collection.

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The exhibition, which sees itself as an archaeological search for traces over a period of 7,000 years, runs from October 24th to April 28th, 2019. It is one of the rare opportunities to see parts of the NHM’s bone collection. Usually only a skull is displayed in the museum’s permanent anthropological exhibition. The majority of the objects are stored in the display cabinets or in the museum’s own deep depot.

The fact that the osteological collection leads a shadowy existence in public does not bother Wiltschke. "The collection is not there to be seen by as many people as possible, but primarily intended for science", explains the biologist. And the collection has a good reputation among international experts: "A unique anthropological treasure is stored here, which we are investigating together with researchers from all over the world."

In Germany, too, there are institutes that deal scientifically with human remains from ancient times. "Other branches of science such as DNA research currently have a more prominent reputation, but the classic osteological collection is experiencing a certain renaissance"says the curator of the 10,000-piece collection at the University of Tübingen, Michael Francken. Research notes that much more detailed knowledge can be obtained from the bones using new methods.

The skeletons and skulls in the Vienna Collection are hundreds or even thousands of years old – the oldest skulls and bones around 35,000 years. A large part of the collection comes from Austria, but some objects also come from Africa, South America and Oceania. Research travelers laid the foundation in the 18th and 19th centuries.

However, some of the pieces were acquired in a questionable manner – a political issue to this day. Above all, the native inhabitants of the countries of origin repeatedly demand that their ancestors be surrendered. A few years ago the museum returned around 30 objects to Australian Aborigines, and negotiations are currently underway to return them to indigenous tribes in New Zealand. "These conversations are very protracted because it is difficult to determine where exactly the skulls really come from – regardless of whether they were given, bought or stolen at the time", explains Wiltschke.

But what is the use of storing skulls and skeletons? "Our collection is important for scientists, especially for anthropologists, who research evolutionary changes in bones. And for medical professionals who study the range of variation in the human body"says Wiltschke. A current research project, for example, is devoted to the question of how female pelvic bones change during pregnancy.

In addition, it can be researched how diet or diseases affect the human skeleton. Historians and archaeologists learn more about migration flows, dietary habits and armed conflicts among our ancestors.

The bony evidence of violence still gives an idea of ​​pain and torment, of fast or slow death in the viewer. In a showcase there is a skeleton in which a medieval sword once separated the head from the body. A 25 to 30 year old man was also killed with numerous blows around the year 1000. According to Wiltschke, his lower jaw was almost severed and his skull was hit with at least three blows.

Especially the mass grave of Lützen, a battle with around 6,000 victims within a few hours, suggests a generally valid insight, as Wiltschke says: "War is cruel at all times."

Evacuation from the danger zone has the highest priority in addition to self-protection as first aid in case of carbon monoxide poisoning. Read here what you should be aware of and what emergency measures can save lives.

First aid: the best home remedies
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Carbon monoxide poisoning: Immediate measures for self-protection

If you find a person with carbon monoxide poisoning in an enclosed space such as a garage, call 911 immediately. However, do not use a telephone or other electrical devices in the poisoned room, as there is a risk of explosion.

As soon as you enter the room, hold your breath. Covering your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or your hand does not protect you from inhaling the poisonous gas, informs the German Red Cross (DRK). To reduce the carbon monoxide concentration in the room, open all windows and doors as an immediate measure and take a breath of fresh air. If possible, shut off the gas source. Then get the person affected out of the danger area as quickly as possible.

First aid for carbon monoxide poisoning

What immediate measures must be taken for the person concerned? Take the person outside and check their pulse and breathing. If the person is conscious, talk to them soothingly. If you have breathing problems, raise your upper body.

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If breathing and pulse are exposed, you must take life-saving measures as first aid in case of carbon monoxide poisoning. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation may have to be carried out for this. If breathing and pulse are normal, place the victim in the stable position on their side and make sure that the person does not choke on vomit. Until the ambulance shows up, stay with the injured person.

Back surgery should only be the last resort if the pain cannot be eliminated in any other way. However, many people rush to go under the knife and underestimate the risks that can be associated with the procedure.

Here’s how to strengthen your back with an exercise ball
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230,000 operations per year

A look at the statistics shows that around 230,000 back operations are performed in Germany every year. This is a positive number, especially for hospitals, because they earn a lot from the interventions. However, many patients are far from satisfied with the results of their back surgery because they cannot get rid of their pain even after the surgery.

In addition, there are sometimes additional complaints that are only triggered by the back operation. The decision to go under the knife because of pain in the back area should always be carefully considered and never made too quickly.

Do not underestimate the risks of the procedure

Back surgery is always associated with risks. Critics complain that patients are often inadequately informed about these dangers by doctors. So not only can the pain still be present after the procedure. Possible damage to the tissue or scars can make the symptoms even worse after the operation.

Many medical professionals, so the critics, would make the decision to have an operation even on the basis of x-rays and would forego a detailed examination. Experts advise affected patients to always get a second opinion before agreeing to back surgery.

Alternatives to back surgery

Experts estimate that a good 80 percent of back operations are actually not necessary.